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Mist and Fire Sprinkler systems

At Amsco we start every design with an evaluation of existing information through drawings, Authority requirements, budgets, water availability and balance the design criteria to meet the necessary protection objectives, special environmental and material concerns all to the relevant British Standards.

Design with Amsco

  • Ask your builder or architect if they have experience working with fire sprinklers
  • Amsco will design the best solution for your requirements and provide costs
  • Amsco will work to the British Standards for Mist or Sprinklers
  • Fire sprinklers are definitely not a Do-It-Yourself project. They have to be carefully engineered and installed correctly.
  • If your builder does not want to build with sprinklers, contact other builders in your area who will work with you.
  • Amsco will work with you to decide what type of sprinklers are best for your home. You can choose the traditional standard sprinklers or the newer Mist technology.
  • If freezing is a problem in your area, you might use sidewall sprinklers to avoid running piping in your attic.
  • Sprinklers are installed as part of the construction process, usually right after or with plumbing and electrical.

Amsco will work with you to provide a system that will suit the property, available water supply, budget and personal preferences ensuring that the design is for approved products and installation ending in a Compliance Certification at the end of the project.

Whether it is a standard Sprinkler or Misting system, Amsco will provide you with comprehensive details and your drawings marked with the proposed fire sprinkler locations that have been carefully placed being sympathetic to your lighting layouts. This can be in PDF or CAD.

As part of our design package we offer:

  • Hydraulic Calculations
  • CAD design
  • CPD Presentations
  • Liaison service when required with Building Control, Water Authority and Fire Authority

Much of the cost of a Sprinkler or Mist system can be offset against building ‘trade-offs’ that could be negotiated with the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction).

Some popular ‘Trade-offs’ are:

  • Reducing fire protection through the building to 30 minutes.
  • Freedom of design (allowing open plan for example).
  • Extending travel distance.
  • Restricted Access to Fire and Rescue.
  • Allowing extra building height.
  • Omitting : Fire Doors – 2 Way Lobbies – Secondary escape routes