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Mist and Fire Sprinkler systems

Fire & Rescue live fire demonstration showing Amsco mist sprinkler head operating.

Why use the Vid Fire-Kill OH nozzles?

  • Ultra fast 2mm bulb is horizontal and housed in the ceiling making it tamper resistant.
  • Has a strong fixed cover (not an add on that will get knocked off)
  • 4- 10 bar optimum working pressures dependent on the type.
  • Almost flush with the ceiling.
  • There is a sidewall version that can be placed in walls if there were no adequate ceiling, identical in looks to the ceiling version.
  • It is nearly half the size of standard sprinklers! Only a 50mm cut-out hole required and the finished width of mist head is only 56mm.
  • Uses less water than standard sprinklers requiring far less storage space and creates far less water damage.
  • Different colours (RAL) available.
  • The newest latest technology.
  • Lloyds Certificated.
  • OH VSO mist head is FM approved.
  • Far better looking for the design conscious.
  • IMO Tested to Resolution MSC 265(84) for open public spaces e.g.Hotels, Offices, Domestic and residential properties and similar fire loadings.
  • RTI >45 Almost silent operation, better visibility with a far more gentle less traumatic activation helps the vulnerable that may suffer from shock.
  • Designed and certificated to BS8458-2015 & BS8489-1:2016