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Mist and Fire Sprinkler systems

At Amsco, our field engineers have the experience and training certification to be able to provide swift and efficient installation of your mist or fire sprinkler system.
They will liaise with the works manager on site discussing the system requirements, pipe runs and mist or sprinkler head locations whilst working closely with other trades. At various stages, we will carefully pressure test the pipework and record the witnessed tests.

Mist or sprinkler installations are completed over different phases:

Pre-Installation meeting

  • Review mist or sprinkler drawings.
  • Review any special materials, fixings, plant that may be needed.
  • Define a safe storage area for installation materials.
  • Confirm any audio alarm interface with smoke detectors or fire alarm system.
  • Discuss water supplies.
  • Agree site location for valve sets and any pump or water storage vessels.
  • Confirm ceiling datum lines for sprinkler head alignment.
  • Provide Risk Assessment and Method Statement and agree any required changes.

Installation First Fix

  • Accomplished by industry trained certificated engineers operating to the highest quality and safety.
  • Pipework and fittings will be installed methodically throughout the property with mist or fire sprinklers left in situ with protective covers.
  • This will now be left until the ceilings are installed and decoration is finished.

Installation Second Fix

  • When the final decoration is finished we can remove the mist/sprinkler protective covers and install the final metal covers or trims.
  • Resi-Riser valve set, pump and tank or pressure vessels can be installed.
  • If water and electricity are available and any alarm interface completed we can carry out final pressure tests then fill the system and commission it.
  • A series of tests and checks are made at this commission and recorded.
  • Following this final successful test results a Compliance Certificate is issued at the end of the project to the appropriate British Standard.