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Mist and Fire Sprinkler systems

What is Mist?

Mist compared to standard water sprinklers is defined by the size of the water droplet which would be smaller than 1000 microns at the minimum design operating pressure of the water mist nozzle.

These smaller droplets are created using specially designed nozzles at a certain water pressure with various methods of extinguishing for different properties and scenarios.

  • Automatic Nozzles – for homes, schools, HMO’s, hotels, restaurants, offices
  • Open Nozzles – for Schools, Biomass Storage, Shopping Atriums, Warehousing

In the marketplace there are High Pressure systems available which may be as high as 100-150 bar and there are Low Pressure systems that operates from 4-16 bars.

Amsco design and install Low Pressure only due to the many advantages and safety factors.

Did you know? 99.9% of the mist heads we fit are white, colour ones are a new addition. If you have a ceiling type or colour we can now match the head with it.

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Mist Approvals

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