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Mist and Fire Sprinkler systems
What are the benefits of using AMSCO Low Pressure Mist systems over standard Sprinkler systems?

  • Both installed the same way.
  • Mist uses up to 70% less water.
  • Mist causes far less water damage.
  • Less water damage means quicker, cheaper reinstatement of the property.
  • Mist requires only ½ the weight and amount of stored water space.
  • Mist is a kinder spray, ideal for those vulnerable to trauma (young, old).
  • Mist is more efficient putting fires out – Cools the fire faster and aids
    evacuation if required.
  • Mist operation provides less radiated heated aiding egress.
  • Mist heads are smaller and better looking.
  • Mist heads are tamper resistant.
  • Mist systems use smaller pipework that has a cost saving and easier to
  • Mist systems have full British Standards : BS8458:2015 & BS8489-1:2016.
    A European Standard is due for release soon – CEN/EN 14972.
  • Mist heads use only 35 lpm (in a 1 head activation)
  • Sprinkler heads can use 60-125+ lpm (in a 1 head activation)
  • No chemicals are required to improve the performance.