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Mist and Fire Sprinkler systems

A standard fire sprinkler system is always active and automatic utilising fireproof pipework that is filled with water and always ready to put a fire out whether there is someone in the building or not.
It is the equivalent of your personal fireman standing guard ready to protect you, your family, pets and belongings 24/7.
If the property has fire sprinkler heads fitted throughout, only the nearest one to a fire should operate thus limiting the amount of water damage to the fire area.
The sprinkler head detects the heat from a fire and quickly suppresses it, an audio alarm sounds notifying others that the system is operating.


  • Standard wet pipe sprinkler systems can be supplied from the mains water supply and with the simplicity of fewer components produces a cost effective and if looked after and well maintained a very reliable system.
  • Lower service and maintenance costs.
  • Easier to carry out any alterations or modify.
  • More cost effective with a shorter down time following a fire with ease of effort changing the sprinkler head and reinstating the system.


  • Prone to freezing, must be protected.
  • Pipework must be protected from hard knocks.

If the mains water supply is inadequate whether through bar pressure or restrictive pipe sizing then a pump and tank can be fitted specifically for the sprinkler system. The type of sprinkler head, hydraulic calculations and infill water supply would determine the size of the tank that would be needed.